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>And the weekends pass so quickly…

>Sickness, lots of homework, two birthday parties, and an injury…a very full weekend! I stayed home from work on Friday with the 4th virus/cold of this season. I’ve been sick more this year than any other. Perhaps the weather was … Continue reading

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>Blossom Arts!

> This entry is the first of a series that I am calling “Etsy Love!” I am reviewing shops from Etsy featuring various crafts offered. Etsy is seriously beginning to get some press, and the more people know about the … Continue reading

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>The Golden Age

> I was finally able to watch this movie on Saturday night. I so wanted it to be everything that the first movie was — beautiful, intriguing, and intricate. It was none of these things. In fact, I believe … Continue reading

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>Easter candy

> I had a nice Easter indeed. We went to my fiance’s parents’ for breakfast and dinner, and they still do Easter baskets! I find it charming–my family kind of gave up these traditions when Jessie and I were in … Continue reading

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>And it becomes stranger….

> If you read my last post, I had an incredibly surreal dream involving Lou Reed. For some reason today, I went on the website for the 9:30 Club to see who will be playing in the next few months. … Continue reading

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>My strange dreams

>I have a lot of strange dreams (who doesn’t?). I’m usually lucky enough to remember them, which has rendered a lot of stories and interesting conversations over the years. Do you put stock in the goings-on of your dreams? I … Continue reading

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>Something fun that I’m doing

>There is a lot of talk on Etsy about Swap-bot, a service that organizes international trades of crafts, paper, candy, etc. It seems like a lot of fun, with minimal cost, so I signed up for four swaps 1. Button … Continue reading

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>What I’ve been reading lately

> I become so immersed in academic and technical (work) reading that books for escape and fun have become an afterthought. I feel guilty sometimes for picking up a book that’s not in some way related to a) academic pursuits … Continue reading

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>Veggie Wraps!

>I finally perfected this simple, delicious, and most of all, healthy recipe for veggie wraps. It’s a great quick dinner or lunch, can be made in about 10 minutes, and the ingredients are easy to keep on hand. For this … Continue reading

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>La Vie En Rose

> I finally had time to watch this movie, and wow. Wow, wow, wow. What do I really want to say? The music, oh the music. The songs are achingly beautiful, and are made even more stark and breathtaking by … Continue reading

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