>Easter candy


I had a nice Easter indeed. We went to my fiance’s parents’ for breakfast and dinner, and they still do Easter baskets! I find it charming–my family kind of gave up these traditions when Jessie and I were in junior high. The biggest thing is that the baskets are created with chocolates from Rhebs! Rheb’s has the best chocolate candy that I’ve ever tasted. It is all apparently made fresh daily on site, and when they are out of candy for the day, the shop closes. I’ve never been, and the only time I’ve eaten their candy is at Easter, but goodness! It’s available for order if you are not lucky enough to live in Baltimore. I’m not usually one that enjoys buttercreams, but their milk chocolate vanilla buttercream is fantastic.

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One Response to >Easter candy

  1. >mmmmmmm…..that looks so delicious. there’s so many to choose from. i tend to be one of those terrible people who wants to take a bite of each one to see what they are so i end up with a box of literally half-eaten chocolates. but i’ve never had this kind before…

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