>Blossom Arts!


This entry is the first of a series that I am calling “Etsy Love!” I am reviewing shops from Etsy featuring various crafts offered. Etsy is seriously beginning to get some press, and the more people know about the great shops there, the better!

My first featured shop is Blossom Arts, out of Sterling Heights, Michigan. Blossom Arts creates pendants using a variety of media: polymer clay, beads, molds, and stamps, among other materials. Her work is incredible. Check out the details of this beautiful hand pendant and the glossy sheen on the glazed blue.

I also like how varied her work is. The hand is very classic and elegant, but there are plenty of fun, casual pieces, such as this bird’s nest, which is my favorite in her shop!

The other aspect that is especially nice is the extremely reasonable prices at which these beautiful pieces are offered. Most of the pieces are $8-$10 for original, handmade goodness!

Check out her marvelous store!

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One Response to >Blossom Arts!

  1. blossomarts says:

    >Thank you for featuring my store! I am truly honored. Anyone mentioning reading about my shop in your blog, should they choose to visit my shop and make a selection, will receive a free satin cord necklace to go along with their pendant. Good for the whole month of April!

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