>Phrog Phluff Tutu Design


When I was a little girl, I was obsessed with all things pink and fluffy (if you notice, not much has changed by the looks of my webpages). Phrog Phluff Tutus is a little shop on Etsy that brings to life the dreams of little ballerinas everywhere with her adorable tutus and hair baubles.

These handmade beauties are fashioned in her home studio in North Carolina, which I believe is somewhere near my second hometown of Wilmington/Topsail Island, NC! You can certainly see the beach influence in some of these gorgeous sky blues.

However, if your little one has special color requests (my sister always liked green–not a popular choice among little girl clothing), she does custom work in any color requested!

Check out her awesome store!

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One Response to >Phrog Phluff Tutu Design

  1. >Oh, thank you so very much for including me in your Blog! I love making these items for little girls and I am so pleased that you and your readers can enjoy a little slice of my world! I am actually located right outside Camp Lejeune, my husband is a Marine. Thank you!Lisa

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