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>Duran Duran

> I haven’t updated for a few days because lo and behold, I’m sick again. I think that the travel this weekend to see my family weakened my system and made me susceptible to another cold/sore throat. However, illness did … Continue reading

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>Wanna win this pendant? Then head over to the awesome giveaway going on at This Old Hen House and read her awesome reviews! 🙂

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>For your consideration…

>As ya’ll might have guessed, I really like to bake. However, I love to bake more than I’m able to eat, and it’s really not good for me to have all these sweets. So my question is this: What do … Continue reading

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>Movie quotes giveaway back on!

>I’ve been very busy for the past few weeks, and have been remiss in posting the movie quotes for the pendant giveaways. As before, you must respond to this post with the movie that the quote is taken from, plus … Continue reading

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>Rainy days

> It’s a sleepy, sloggy day here, and I really would like nothing better than some warm cookies and milk, a cuddle with Darwin, and a good movie or book when I get home. Reality is, I have so much … Continue reading

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>Paris, Je t’aime

> I haven’t done a movie review for awhile, and recently, I saw a very good one worth sharing with my readers. Paris Je T’aime is a wonderful compilation of films by award-winning international directors and writers. I love collections … Continue reading

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>Bread pudding!

>Since I finished my semester, I’ve been crazed with cooking/baking. I have a list of things that I want to try making in the next few weeks. This weekend, I attempted to replicate the awesome banana bread pudding that I … Continue reading

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>I made homemade marshmallows last night! So cool! I used the recipe posted on Coconut & Lime, and as stated, it was like magic! Rich, fluffy marshmallows coated in a delectable powdered sugar coating. Certainly not health food, since marshmallows … Continue reading

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>Octavine Illustration

> I admit, I’m very jealous of people with the ability to draw, paint, or otherwise illustrate. I never graduated past stick men, which is why I produce pieces using polymer clay and vintage bits and occasionally write my little … Continue reading

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> Everyone loves croutons on their salads, of course you do. But did you know that you can easily make them at home using bread that might otherwise be thrown out! Getting rid of leftovers the tasty way! First, chop … Continue reading

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