>So I finished my last final yesterday. I celebrated with a nap, as I was so tired from all of the concentration, my brain overloaded and required sleep.

However, despite busyness with finals, I managed to have a nice weekend full of delicious food. On Friday, we had a wonderful dinner at Nichi Bei Kai followed by Iron Man, which was an awesome movie! Much better than I expected.

Saturday we went to the Waverly Farmer’s Market and bought bread, raw milk, real butter, asparagus, and pasteries. So much yumminess. I think that this will become a regular outing. Then, we headed to Free Comic Day to collect some free stuff and check out some comics!

The rest of the weekend was spent working on my finals, but as a reward, Stephen made me a wonderful dinner using some of the items we purchased on Saturday, and I made homemade lassis! So delicious!

Traditionally, these are made with mangos, but I’m going to experiment and try making them with blueberries and raspberries.

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One Response to >Finished!

  1. >yum! BTW, I saw your avatar on Etsy of Bea, and had to stop in:D

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