>Octavine Illustration


I admit, I’m very jealous of people with the ability to draw, paint, or otherwise illustrate. I never graduated past stick men, which is why I produce pieces using polymer clay and vintage bits and occasionally write my little stories and plays. I have always wanted to be able to express my thoughts in an illustration, and I’m always fascinated by others able to do just that.

There are a number of amazing painters and illustrators on etsy, one of which I have recently discovered is Octavine Illustration. Her work is focused on a renaissance of Art Nouveau, featuring flappers and incredibly vibrant colors, much like the drawings that I adore by Toulouse-Lautrec.

Based in Portland, OR, this shop sells, clothing, cards, journals, original paintings and prints featuring her incredible illustrations. Check out this shop!

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  1. >thank you for your kind words. i feel most honored to be a feature on your lovely blog!~ cheers, cara

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