>Did she really wear that?


It’s finally time for my review of, you guessed it, the SATC movie.

I’ll attempt to make it as spoiler-free as possible, for those of you that might read this and be concerned about surprises.

And I must say, there are none. If you’re a fan of the show, you probably know exactly what will happen, but come on, do we really watch this show for originality in plotlines? Nope. We watched it because of the great dialogue, the bond between the main characters (although I have my doubts about four women being that close into their 30s, let alone their 40s, but it’s as fictional as the neverending closets and designer everything that goes along with this movie). And really, I don’t watch it for a reality check.

I sound like I’m complaining, but I loved it. It’s like a trip to the amusement park for me. It’s colorful, engaging, and easy. I love it despite the total consumerism of the whole thing. I loved the movie, although if you saw the movie, you will join me in my questioning of how they plan on making a trilogy of these movies? I felt that the whole thing was tied up in a neat little bow. Where else is there to go?

However, I asked myself that same question when I saw the ads for the movie 6 months ago, thinking, “they ended the show so neat and clean, what else is there to do with these characters?” But real life never ends happily ever after, so I guess there are always more roadblocks and conflicts to invent for the characters.

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