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> So for the past two days, we’ve been enjoying the best summer veggie treat, ratatouille. Ratatouille is a delicious, healthy way to enjoy and use up a lot of the wonderful vegetables that so many people have overflowing their … Continue reading

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>Twilight is probably the most popular awful book ever. It should be a fast read, but I’m going slowly because I seriously have to take brain-vomit breaks from it. I can’t believe how popular this tripe has become. And I … Continue reading

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>Magnolia Bakery

> We made another trip to New York this weekend, and since I’m a cupcake monster, we tried another NY cupcake bakery, Magnolia Bakery! Famous for their numerous appearances on Sex and the City, this bakery usually has quite a … Continue reading

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>I’m in the Sun!

>Check it, my jewelry made the Baltimore Sun! Mine are the Audrey Hepburn rose earrings on the far right.

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>Phelps breaks the record!

> Being from Baltimore, swimming was of particular interest to me this Olympics. On Saturday night, he won his 8th (and record-breaking) gold! I’m so happy that he won! But I’m even more pleased about this picture (hubba hubba). We … Continue reading

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> So admidst the cafuffle of the big thesis defense, festivities, and such, I managed to watch a movie this weekend. All at once, not broken into three or more parts. (I love Netflix Instant Watch!) Being a fan of … Continue reading

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