So admidst the cafuffle of the big thesis defense, festivities, and such, I managed to watch a movie this weekend. All at once, not broken into three or more parts. (I love Netflix Instant Watch!)

Being a fan of most of Maggie Gyllenhaal’s work, I really wanted to watch Sherrybaby. Oh my. What an incredible delivery.

The basic story is the struggles faced by someone with too many things going against them. Fresh out of prison for theft and illegal drug use, Sherry wants desperately to get her life on track and to forge a true relationship with her young daughter. However, it seems that trouble follows her, and her life begins to spiral into its former cave of drugs and men.

The acting was incredible in this film, but the content answers my question of why this film did not receive more attention. The scenes are a little too raunchy and real at times. However, I think that the story was very well told. Highly recommended.
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3 Responses to >Sherrybaby

  1. Super April says:

    >She looks surprisingly cute as a blonde!

  2. Gwennie says:

    >She does! I think she’s gorgeous no matter though.

  3. Agent M. says:

    >”The scenes are a little too raunchy and real at times” – that’s what I thought… I’m a huge Maggie fan; she’s a great actress, and so lovely. I loved hearing her sing in “Happy Endings”.I’m a Netflix Watch It Now junkie myself. We should “friend” one another on Netflix.My Netflix name is LadyDetective.

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