>A Tale of Two Vampires

I saw two vampire flicks in the last few days, Twilight, and Let the Right One in. Twilight was so bad that I won’t even link to it. LTROI was very good, and very well-produced. I almost felt that it was a response to Twilight, like in a film class where they show you a movie that does everything wrong, then a similar movie that does everything right.

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2 Responses to >A Tale of Two Vampires

  1. cate says:

    >Hon, why do you do this to yourself? I knew you didn’t like Twilight-the-book. If you did any brain vomiting at the theater, I hope you cleaned up after yourself. I only barely made it through the first book and the revulsion/attraction thing really got on my nerves, so I didn’t bother with the others. Maybe if we were still teenagers, we’d be swooning.

  2. >I’m “dying” to see Let The Right One In! Heard it was excellent. Being a werewolf however, I have a problem w/vamps!

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