>My cat is sick. He hasn’t eaten since Christmas, and has drank very little. He was at the vet’s on Saturday and Sunday, and everything tests fine, which is leading the vet to believe that he has a virus. I was relieved, as I was truly worried that liver or kidney failure was the problem, particularly in an 11.5 year-old cat.

The vet’s not worried, and I’m trying not to worry, but it’s scary to think that I’m losing him. He was given a rehydration injection, and he seems better this morning, though still refusing food.

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5 Responses to >Sigh

  1. cate says:

    >I empathize – Lyra’s asthma seems to be getting worse. I’m taking her to the vet on Wednesday morning.

  2. Gwennie says:

    >I’m sorry. I hope that she starts feeling better.

  3. >Try not to worry- easier said than done I realize. Hopefully your cat will be better soon!

  4. kim* says:

    >aw poor kitty. get well soon 🙂

  5. >Just checkin' in to say HNY & to see how your cats doing. I hope you're both well!

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