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>25 Things Memeage

> Taking a cue from Cate, I’m publishing my 25 things list on here. I hate it when people use curse words as adverbs. Not adjectives, adverbs. I have a cat named Darwin. I have way too many hobbies and … Continue reading

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>Happy New Year!

> It’s the year of the Ox. In my opinion, the best holiday. 🙂

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>Darwin was back at the vet again today. He had started eating again, so much that we were scheduled to get the tube removed, then suddenly stopped again. After a very traumatic workday yesterday (those who keep after my Twitters … Continue reading

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>Happy day!

> I really hope that things get better.

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>I am so a crazy cat lady

> I found this neato site yesterday via Gallery of the Absurd, which is a blog that I sometimes read for laughs. It’s a site in which you can upload personal pics and get them replicated in the fashion of … Continue reading

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>My new layout

>For the new year, I updated my blog layout, and I have to say, I love it. It kind of looks like someone downloaded the inside of my brain!

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>Why I love Valentine’s Day

>Because cute, awesome stuff like this appears in stores: Seriously, I wonder if my only reason for wanting kids is because of my love of cute stuff.

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>The American Patient

>Darwin is eating again! I still have to feed him via tube for a couple of weeks, but it’s looking better! 🙂

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>Darwin (my cat) is in the hospital, with a new vet, being fed via tube. Bloodwork has been performed, as well as x-rays, with no evidence as to why he is refusing food and vomiting bile. I’m so worried.

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