Darwin was back at the vet again today.

He had started eating again, so much that we were scheduled to get the tube removed, then suddenly stopped again.

After a very traumatic workday yesterday (those who keep after my Twitters know what was going on), I took Darwin to the vet again today. They performed an ultrasound and more x-rays, and found nothing. Their advice was to continue with the tube feeding, give him some more appetite stimulant, and antibiotics.

I had the hard discussion with the vet, and he was optimistic about Darwin’s condition, as they found no signs of lymphoma.

Poor guy.

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3 Responses to >Reboot

  1. >Good, but STILL stressful! That’s one big cat! Is that you in the pic? Nice to see a face to go w/a blog, even though no one shall ever gaze upon mine! AH-AH-AH!Can you tell me how you came up w/the name of your blog. I’m curious.

  2. >Nice to SEE you. I dig your glasses.I was referring to the name of THIS particular blog.

  3. Gwennie says:

    >Ah, The Girl’s in Circles again is a line from a Tori Amos song. I liked her early stuff a lot, but the newer stuff doesn’t get me so much.

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