>The Wrestler

So among my weekend activities, I finally saw The Wrestler last night, and I was not disappointed. This film was most certainly not something that gives anyone a warm fuzzy, not for a second even; you’re continually swathed in this dismal world of a washed up guy who is still clawing for glory.

The acting was great, and seriously, I hope that Mickey Rourke wins the Oscar. There, I said it. I have always thought he was a good actor, even though he’s kind of a cartoon at this point. And his face does look like it’s melting. I guess there’s just a soft spot in my heart for people that love their pets, and he thanked his dogs in his Golden Globes speech.

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3 Responses to >The Wrestler

  1. >I’m DYING to see this Gwennie! They apparently filmed a good bit of it in the area a few towns over.I’ve always been curious as to why you have a pic of MG (That’s her correct?) representing you. Of course I can’t say much having a cartoon pic up! ;^)How’s your kitty?

  2. Gwennie says:

    >I loved it, and I think that you would really enjoy it. It’s pretty brutal at times, and his face looks like a country ham. I just like MG. She’s so pretty and such a great actress! Darwin is doing better–he’s eating on his own, and I’m hoping that we get that tube out soon! Thank you for asking!

  3. >Hey G- Saw TW & enjoyed it very much, despite being a hopeful downer. I hope to write about it on FLAST but haven't been too motivated to write lately. Glad Darwin is doing better. Give him a good kitty stroking for me. I miss having cats. :-(WV-"airew"= smelly &/or stinky air!

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