>I’m Back!


It’s been so long since I’ve made a proper post, and since there’s a lot to be told about the goings on in my life, I’ll make this a little more autobiographical than most of my other posts.

So, I got married a couple of weekends ago. March 14, to be exact. Yes, we are dorky enough to get married on 3.14! And yes, we purposely chose that date. We wanted a special, memorable date that wasn’t some smirky holiday like Valentine’s day, and this day was something special to our dorkiness.

We decided to have our wedding at the Enoch Pratt Free Library, which is this old, beautiful library in downtown Baltimore. We just liked this space, and none of the other places that we looked at to hold the ceremony and reception spoke to us like this one.

We had a good mix of family and friends, great food, and plenty of cake and wine! It was a wonderful wonderful day!

Next up is our honeymoon in Japan!

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One Response to >I’m Back!

  1. >Nice pic! I STILL can’t believe I wasn’t invited to the wedding, or at least the reception! ;-(You can always make it up to me by takin’ me to Japan. When we goin’?!

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