I’ve kind of decided to use this blog as more of a review springboard than anything else. I might have some random, funny thoughts that merit posting, but most of those will be left to Twittering.

I also really want to get my Weirdos blog launched, sure to satisfy all of your weirdo cravings!!!!

Anyways, I saw the movie, Adventureland, last night, which I thought would be funny in the way that I enjoy — you know, things that an 11-year-old boy finds hilarious. Yeah, that’s me and my sense of humor.

It was pretty funny, but the plot was pretty lame, and the movie itself just kind of limped along from bland situation to bland situation. The basis of the movie is this: Lame guy graduates university in Philly. Somehow, through 4 years of college in a major city, this guy has retained his junior high innocence and has not grown in the least jaded. Oh, and he’s a lit major to boot. OK, I believe that one.

He gets dumped in the first scene, because he’s, you know, such a nice guy, and of course, girls only go for boys that are mean to them, right?

Cut to, his parents have financial problems, blah, blah, blah, he has to like, get a job and pay for grad school himself! Oh noes!

So, he gets a job at the local park, where he meets some SO WACKY characters, and falls in love with a girl who is cool. I mean, she wears a HUSKER DU t-shirt and everything. In 4 years of uni, he never met one of these girls?

Hilarity ensues, he gets the girl, he loses the girl, girl forgives him, he forgives her, screen goes black.

It sounds like I really hated this film, but it was easy and, for the most part, fun. The only real funny scenes were the ones involving Bill Hader, who played the park owner, with some funny one-liners by Martin Starr, who had far too little to do in this film.

I also felt that the main character was clearly a part written for Michael Cera, as the actor that played James certainly did his best impression of Michael Cera’s characters in Juno and Superbad.

All in all, I’d say this one is a rental at best, and only for fans of Superbad and other movies from the Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared alumni.

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2 Responses to >Adventureland

  1. >Are you the infamous "Gwennie-Penny" that Cate raves about constantly on her blog?!I'm glad you've posted again. Movie reviews are cool- I look forward to the next. HURRY UP & get your NEW blog off the ground! I await it w/baited hook!I started 2 new exciting fun (hopefully regular posts that no one will comment on) posts, TMI Tuesdays & Wacky Wednesdayz- when you get a moment please take a look-see.Hope you've been well & that wedded bliss is still, well, blissful!

  2. >Where you be? Oh forgot, the ol' ball 'n chain thing! Wanted to check out your new blog IHW. I'd like to know who started actually saying heart instead of love. That makes me FURIOUS! Hope you're well.PS- Hope you've got some time on your hands. I've got about 300 new posts & I expect insightful & witty comments left to each & every one of them as I command! ;^o

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