>Moving Sale!!

>Buy one, get one sale! Just pick out your items, make your purchase, and I will invoice you reflecting the free items!!!

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3 Responses to >Moving Sale!!

  1. >Where are ya going? I'll take the FREE stuff! Not heard from you, nor Cate in a while. Then again, you've not heard from me. Are you really moving? What? Why? Where? Who? How?Hope you & your husband have been well & that you are enjoying a splendid summer!

  2. >PS- What about your other blog? Ya ever gonna get that goin'?

  3. Gwennie says:

    >Trying to get that all going! I've seen some awesome weirdos too! I'm moving clear cross the country to San Diego sometime this fall. Between looking for a job and getting a house ready to sell, I don't have a lot of time, but I'm determined to be better about blogging!

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