>Mid-Winter Blahs giveaway!

So kids, to battle the winter yucks (yep, I’m feeling them even in San Diego!), I’ve decided that a giveaway is long overdue! So, I’m giving away these awesome birdie clips to a lucky reader who answers this trivia question correctly. I’ll pick the winner using a random hi-tech method (paper out of a hat — ha!). So here is the trivia question:

What was the name of Mr. Rochester’s first wife in Jane Eyre?
I’ll draw the name on Friday, Feb. 5.

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2 Responses to >Mid-Winter Blahs giveaway!

  1. Agent M. says:

    >Bertha Antoinetta Mason or if you're going with Jean Rhys: Antoinette Bertha Cosway Mason. Poor woman. I've never liked Mr. Rochester, I couldn't figure out why Jane loved him… then I read Wide Sargasso Sea, and I REALLY didn't like him. I love the pink birdies. It sure is winter wonderland here it snowed several inches last night. It' still dark out, but a few lamp posts have lit up the trees. They look enchanted. I'll take pictures when the light gets better.

  2. Gwennie says:

    >I really hate Mr. Rochester! I've thought about creating a blog just to rant about the characters from classic literature that I dislike.Poor Bertha.

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