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>Almond Butter

> Making your own almond butter not only saves you money (that stuff is really expensive!), it is also a much healthier alternative to the store-bought stuff that could have lots of added sugar, oils, and preservatives. Almond butter has … Continue reading

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>Inn at the Park

>Upon entering the dining room at Inn at the Park, I felt a bit like I was going back in time. The decor resembles that of a ski lodge circa 1978, with lots of brown and mahogany, with all curlicued … Continue reading

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>Food Inc.

> I think that I’m a little late to the game, but I watched Food, Inc. last night. Most of the stuff that was revealed was stuff that I already knew, like I know all about the yucky stuff that’s … Continue reading

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>Lots of creative works

> I love that I’m writing so much these days, but I feel that I’ve gotten behind on reading as a result. I’m running two food blogs now, and they’re getting good reception. All is well on that end. I’m … Continue reading

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>Extraordinary Desserts

>Ever since I moved to San Diego, I’ve been hearing that Extraordinary Desserts is the place to go for a mind-blowing experience in flour and sugar. Located in an unassuming part of Banker’s Hill, this unassuming place would be easily … Continue reading

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>Sugar-free Orange Muffins

> When my sister came to visit recently, she told me about some delicious orange scones that she had eaten with chunks of orange peel that made them so satisfying and yummy. I decided that I really wanted to create … Continue reading

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>Curry House

>I fell in love with Japanese curry (kare) while I was in Tokyo last summer. A spicy, thick sauce covers a combination of meat and vegetables, with the rice served on the other half of the plate.  I have attempted … Continue reading

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>Kiki Sushi

>There are a lot of sushi places in San Diego. A lot. Having lots of choices for sushi is a very good thing, because I love sushi. I have eaten some of the best sushi in the world in Tokyo, … Continue reading

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>Garlic Bread

> Making your own fresh garlic bread is very easy and so much tastier than those frozen bags from the grocery store. Making garlic bread at home is another way of using bread that might otherwise go to waste. Fresh … Continue reading

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>Nestled into a small corner of University Avenue in Hillcrest, Kitima is easy to miss. Their sign is small and unassuming, and the competition for visual notice is very heavy on this cross street, with big lights and signs from … Continue reading

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