>The line is long at the little Ocean Beach establishment, but it moves fast due to the quick turn-around of orders and ability of the waitstaff to keep tables moving. We were rushed in and seated at a bar looking out at the quaint view of Newport Avenue, a street dedicated to independent shops, representative of OB and its policy of “no corporations.”

The menu consisted of burgers, burgers, and fries. I decided to get a mini cheeseburger, and my dining companion wanted the single cheeseburger basket (a side of fries). We received our orders quite quickly, but they were wrong, and the busy waiter didn’t return to our table, nor could we find him in the crowded restaurant to correct the mistake. So, overcharged and a bit annoyed, we tried our burgers.

The burgers were okay — obviously frozen patties — they lacked flavor, but they weren’t terrible. The fries were wedges with lots of salt and paprika, giving them that fast food taste that is best reflected on hot, greasy food, and again were made from frozen. I know that this is harsh, but I feel that a restaurant with such a small number of items on the menu should be making those items homemade and unforgettable.

I know, I know. Hodad’s is a San Diego institution, regaled by locals as the place to grab a tasty burger and fries at a very cheap price. The restaurant has a constant line around the corner and great word of mouth, so perhaps my expectations were just a bit too high.

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