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>Kabuki Sushi

>As I have mentioned on this blog before, I had the great fortune of spending my honeymoon in Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan, last summer. Sushi was something that was an everyday part of life, and it was often an inexpensive … Continue reading

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>Small Bar

>University Heights has many great options for a cheap lunch, but on a particular Sunday, we decided to check out the scene at Small Bar, having heard some great buzz about the place. After navigating a very interesting attempt at … Continue reading

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>El Zarape

>When I moved to San Diego, I expected to find good Mexican food around every corner. This was not so, and in fact, a great deal of the Mexican restaurants have been pretty disappointing. Their food is often mediocre and … Continue reading

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>In the Private Journal Setting

>I’ve been working on a novel for awhile, and I’m on draft # 3. I forgot that writing is incredibly hard work. I actually made myself sick over it for a few days. I was having a hard time stopping, … Continue reading

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