>Small Bar

>University Heights has many great options for a cheap lunch, but on a particular Sunday, we decided to check out the scene at Small Bar, having heard some great buzz about the place. After navigating a very interesting attempt at a “secret” entrance, we were greeted with a bar teeming with hungry, intoxicated patrons, thanks to the Sunday brunch offering of food and bloody Marys. And indeed, the brunch is quite a deal, if for no reason other than the bountiful offering of the bloody Mary itself: a mixture of vodka and BM mix, along with veggies and shrimp stacked up onto a skewer. The BM is more of a snack than drink.

Service is carried out by the patrons going to the bar and ordering food and drink, if their attention can be had (more on that later). We started with a mojito and Black Butte Porter, then perused the menu. Standard bar offerings, with some fun “twists” to make their fare stand out a bit more from the usual burger and grilled chicken offerings of many establishments. The corn dogs seemed interesting, as well as the beer mac n’ cheese.

The corn dogs were completely disappointing, made from a frozen Foster Farms dog, with limp, uneventful fries. The mac n’ cheese was the same story: sauce that was obviously from a jar, with flavorless candied bacon and tasteless tomatoes thrown in for color. However, the food was very cheap, so not much was expected. 

My primary problem was the service, or lack thereof. The bar was crowded, but not terribly so. However, the bartenders were incredibly slow and ignored us when we needed to pay our bill. It was a very frustrating end to a lackluster meal. Strongly not recommended.
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