>Ocean Beach Pier Cafe

>Switching gears back to our regularly scheduled programming, I wanted to talk about a place known among locals of San Diego, yet not frequented by tourists. After all, many of the viewers of this blog are probably those who are looking for somewhere to dine in SD while they vacation here or are otherwise from out of town, so I feel it is my food blogging duty to let the tourists in on a local spot.

After hearing my neighbors rave about the view and the food, we decided to head out to the Ocean Beach Pier Café for breakfast. Walking to the edge of the pier, we were able to take in the magnificent sights and sounds that surround the pier on a Saturday morning, and realized that even if we weren’t happy with breakfast, we were happy with the view.

At first glance, the Pier Café is not impressive. The paint is peeling, and the signage is dismal and has the appearance of a place that caters more to attracting vermin rather than humans. Trusting the word of mouth, we ventured forward, and were greeted by a perfectly cozy interior with big windows overlooking the Pacific.

The service was excellent, and before we knew it, hot coffees and waters were placed on the table. We ordered the pancakes and a cheese omelet, and were soon treated to a mountain of food. Two pancakes the size of a salad plate, and a huge omelet with all of the breakfast sides. The pancakes were fluffy and well-flavored, and the eggs light and contained the perfect amount of cheese.

The total bill was less than $20, and for a great meal coupled with a yacht view, I’ll gladly return to the OB Pier Café!

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