>Black Friday Funk

>No, not the comeback tune from Vanilla Ice! It’s the day after the day after Thanksgiving, and thanks to some high winds and disrespect on my part for San Diego weather, I’ve wound up with a pretty painful ear infection!

Despite being a bit under the weather, we managed to put up the tree and I made a nice dinner of roasted chicken, potatoes, and French green beans using this recipe from Goop.com. It’s a very easy method, and the chicken is just scrumptious. I know, we just had turkey on Thursday, but we went to a friend’s house, and no cooking = no leftovers, so we were in the mood for a little more roasted poultry. Besides, tomorrow I’ll make up chicken provencal soup with the stock that I made this evening and the leftover chicken! I love getting multiple meals from one big one!

For Thanksgiving, I made pumpkin pie and yeast rolls, and both turned out great! Recipe for the pie is posted now at thebreadstop.com

Now we’re watching Emmett Otter’s Jugband Christmas, having watched the Muppet Christmas Carol while we trimmed the tree! I’m thinking that next year we’ll need a bigger one for all of our ornaments!!!

Hope that everyone had a pleasant and safe holiday! One more day off!!!!

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