>Currant Brasserie

>It’s been a personal goal of mine to try each and every French restaurant in San Diego. Pretty enjoyable goal, no? Particularly after my trip to France this fall, I’ve been missing the good cuisine, so it was up to me to find somewhere that would be a good substitute. I’ve already mentioned Cafe Chloe in this blog, and I’ve also been to Blue Boeheme (though not reviewed it — coming up!), and now it was time to try Currant Brasserie, located in the Sofia Hotel in the Gaslamp District.

The first thing that I noticed was that Currant has a stupendous happy hour! Selected appetizers are half off, and the portions are huge! We picked the calamari and mac & cheese, and both were worthy of a meal in themselves. Very tasty and well-seasoned. The happy hour also boasts a nice selection of cocktails and wines.

After some leisurely snacking at the bar, we decided to have a nice dinner, which featured a good collection of Parisian classics: hanger steak, steak au poivre, mussels and fries. The menu was quite reminiscent of the menus featured throughout the Latin Quarter of Paris, and so we decided to order the exact things that we had ordered when we dined there: steak au poivre and Mussels and fries.

Our orders arrived quite quickly, and the biggest difference between the food in Paris and the food at Currant was the size! The portions were enormous! The mussels were advertised as an appetizer, but were certainly large enough for an adequate meal for an adult. The wine sauce was perfectly seasoned, and offered a good foil to the creamy mussels.

The steak was perfectly cooked, with a delicious pepper-y gravy. I’m not the biggest fan of steak au poivre, but this one was excellent. Tender, succulent, and juicy.

The great service that we received throughout the night made this restaurant a winner! We’ll definitely return, and soon.

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