I’m not sure if it’s a secret or not, but one of my favorite outings is going to karaoke. The bigger the crowd, the better! In fact, one of the most fun evenings that I’ve ever had was singing karaoke in Tokyo, with our own private karaoke room! It was sound-proofed so that we bothered no one, and with just us, we were able to sing the entire time (because, as most of you karaoke fans know, that’s the whole point of going to karaoke, right?)

This karaoke wasn’t quite so posh — it was typical American-style karaoke. A bar, a list, a DJ, the patrons. The digital age has certainly improved karaoke. With just a download, practically any song that you wish to sing can be downloaded to the laptop, and voila! karaoke stardom.

My all-time favorite karaoke tunes are by Blondie and Patsy Cline (big surprise there). The older songs really seem to be the most popular. I guess that singing karaoke satisfies my urge (somewhat) to perform and makes up for the lack of local theater troupes in the area.

What about you? Do you like to karaoke? What are your favorite tunes??

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One Response to >Karaoke!

  1. LaraAnn says:

    >I've never done this before. I would be too embarrased. I know that you don't have to be a good at singing, but I'm really bad. I like your selection of music artists. Sounds like you had a really good time.

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