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>Book Recommendations

> So what do you do when your local library is never open? I really hate to purchase books, unless I really love them. I simply do not have the room to store them. Does anyone know of any great … Continue reading

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>While we’re on the subject of awesomeness

>There will be a TV series of the graphic novel series, Fables. Should I be excited? Why yes, I am.

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>Twilight is probably the most popular awful book ever. It should be a fast read, but I’m going slowly because I seriously have to take brain-vomit breaks from it. I can’t believe how popular this tripe has become. And I … Continue reading

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>What I’ve been reading lately

> I become so immersed in academic and technical (work) reading that books for escape and fun have become an afterthought. I feel guilty sometimes for picking up a book that’s not in some way related to a) academic pursuits … Continue reading

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>I like you!

> I miss, miss the library so much when I go a long while without a visit. Things have been so hectic with school and learning to BE a librarian, that I’ve scarcely entered a real library (but plenty of … Continue reading

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