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>Cherry Pie Snack Bars

> I recently gave up desserts for Lent. Because of this, I’ve put a lot of baking on hold until after Easter (I know that you can bake other things besides desserts, but I’ve not been into bread lately. Horrors!). … Continue reading

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>Banana-Cranberry Butter

> I’m beginning to have a problem. I’m becoming obsessed with fruit butters. The idea of cooking down fruit into a delicious, sweet, low-calorie way to add flavor is very appealing. Unfortunately, fruit butters seem to be more of an … Continue reading

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>Pear & Chocolate Tart

> Unusual combination, no? I have to admit, I did not think of this flavor combination — when my husband and I were in Paris last fall, we had a wonderful tart with these elements. Then, when I came home, … Continue reading

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