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  Animation, when done well, is my favorite form of film entertainment. I love that there are no real limits — a castles can fly, a candlestick can talk, and pandas can cook noodles! A few years ago, I saw … Continue reading

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>He’s Just Not That Into You

>I really wanted to see something easy. It was one of those nights that I really couldn’t handle something as meaty as The Reader or Milk (though I do still want to see both of those). I really wanted to … Continue reading

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>Octavine Illustration

> I admit, I’m very jealous of people with the ability to draw, paint, or otherwise illustrate. I never graduated past stick men, which is why I produce pieces using polymer clay and vintage bits and occasionally write my little … Continue reading

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>Industrial Poppy

> The next installment of Etsy Love is long overdue! I will kick this off with a review of Industrial Poppy, an Etsy shop that combines beading, vintage baubles, and wire wrapping to create original and eye-catching necklaces. Each necklace … Continue reading

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>Phrog Phluff Tutu Design

> When I was a little girl, I was obsessed with all things pink and fluffy (if you notice, not much has changed by the looks of my webpages). Phrog Phluff Tutus is a little shop on Etsy that brings … Continue reading

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>Recycled Ideas!

> As most of you probably know, April 22nd is Earth Day, and what better way to celebrate than changing some of our habits to be a little more earth-friendly? Recycling is available in most areas as a service of … Continue reading

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>Scraps ‘n’ Stuff!

>The second edition of Etsy Love will focus on a very new shop, Scraps ‘n’ Stuff. This shop opened on Valentine’s Day of 2008, and already looks to be a very charming little place. I love dollhouses, and I can’t … Continue reading

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>I like you!

> I miss, miss the library so much when I go a long while without a visit. Things have been so hectic with school and learning to BE a librarian, that I’ve scarcely entered a real library (but plenty of … Continue reading

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