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>Cherry Pie Snack Bars

> I recently gave up desserts for Lent. Because of this, I’ve put a lot of baking on hold until after Easter (I know that you can bake other things besides desserts, but I’ve not been into bread lately. Horrors!). … Continue reading

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>Homemade Vitatop Chocolate Muffin Tops!

> After hearing about them for over a year, I finally decided to purchase a small box of Vitalicious Muffin Tops. In the mood for a treat, of course I chose chocolate! The other flavors sound yummy, but the selection … Continue reading

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>Redheads (Pumpkin Blondies)

> If you keep up with my posts, you know that I recently made blondies. Until now, I was resigned to the fact that blondies are indeed one of the most unhealthy baked goods around, with a stick of butter … Continue reading

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>Banana-Pecan Oatmeal Squares

> So remember the banana-cranberry butter that I made the other day? Here is a fabulous way to use it! These squares are mind-blowingly good, and although there are a lot of steps, they are pretty easy. These would be … Continue reading

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>Everyone Loves Blondies

> Blondies are one of my favorite homemade treats. I never buy them from bake shops — they want to mess with them too much, adding candied fruit, coconut, and other things that simply do not belong. It does stand … Continue reading

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>Homemade Strawberry Jam

> I have a confession: I am very picky about jam, and I dislike jelly altogether. I have only specific brands of jam that I will buy, most of them quite expensive. I just don’t like all of the HFCS … Continue reading

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>Almost Sugar-free, Gluten-free Super Chocolate "Muffins"

> I’ve had a number of requests for some gluten-free recipes. I’ve never baked gluten-free, and I’m still trying to determine how to create gluten-free baked goods that rise nicely. These muffins are muffins only in the loosest of terms. … Continue reading

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>Sugar-free Orange Muffins

> When my sister came to visit recently, she told me about some delicious orange scones that she had eaten with chunks of orange peel that made them so satisfying and yummy. I decided that I really wanted to create … Continue reading

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>Easy Pizza Dough

> Pizza is one of my favorite foods — it’s inexpensive, easy, and incredibly versatile. It’s a great party food: you can load it up with any assortment of toppings to please anyone’s preferences. While I love delivery and adore … Continue reading

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